Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"The frame of the cave leads to the frame of man." - Stephen Gardiner

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure in going spelunking with some friends to cave system called Minnetonka. I really had a lot of fun. The temperature inside the cave is about 40 degrees year round, and if I had it my way, that’s the temp I would want around me all the time. It was absolutely wonderful. If I was a billionaire, I would buy that cave and live in it. But I digress.

In my mind, the Cave itself is very photogenic. I got a lot of good pictures during my visit. I wish we weren’t so rushed along (it was a guided tour), or I would’ve taken a few more. Next time I go, I’m definitely taking a camera stand, holding up the group be damned. They have really good mood lighting in there, and you would need it if you want to take full advantage of it and not get blurry pictures.

If find yourself in the Bear Lake area of South Eastern Idaho, and looking for an afternoon adventure, I would send you this way. It`s totally worth it.


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