Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Classic: a book people praise but don't read." - Mark Twain

Part 3 of 3. Continued. Those of you know me know that I play D&D. One of the things that I’ve been doing lately is tinkering with character backgrounds. I’ve found it to be a good experience in developing the little writing ability I have and helps conveying my sense of imagination. The next few posts are of back stories I have written and one I just barely finished. Hope you like.

The Blind Swordsman

Kumano Zato, master of the blind sword,
defender of the eastern and far reaches.
Walker of paths of the sun's night,
treading with calloused feet a path
never seen by blind seeing eyes.

Born to this world like the world was made,
both knowing nothing but darkened skies.
Growing, learning as the earth did, slowly,
not to see with eyes that see nothing, for
the Mind’s eye must unlock the way ahead.

Spawned upon red skies of bloody death
fire and flames came to his village home.
Screams and nightmares of promised doom
renting the air. A Wurm of lore and legend,
driving the people forth to their demise.

Through Crags of Destiny he wandered aimless,
searching for the one horrid beast of fire.
Burning with vengeance, giving heat to a cold soul.
Peaks on high to glen low roamed Kumano,
finding nothing but caves filled with night.
Driven by a lusting hate he pursued him,
fumbling as a new born doe, ever onward.
Only finding whispers upon winds of strife and fear.

To forested dale he came, led by eternal
emptiness inside. Upon a hill he climbed,
to a convergence of earth, water, and sky.
Entwined together, like a lovers embrace.
A nexus, a source of power that was made,
where Genjus lived, untapped and unseen they came,
gathering together, like many rivers of energy.
Gazing out, Kumano found a home.

There he dwelt, learning from Spirits of the Elements,
attuning his senses, learning to see without sight.
Feeling the mountains with a body just as stubborn,
flowing like the Rivers his mind flowed with comprehension,
bending like grass with movements just as graceful,
and searching the sky with a soul just as expansive.
Being taught by the old souls of the world,
knowledge he gained, stored for eternity in bones
that are strong as the hills, on untraveled roads.

Upon such an untrodded path, came he to a great hall.
A place that made his great frame feel small.
Giants of Legend, born from the backs of mountains.
Living there for a time, earning the trust of these people,
by feats of strength and battle of wits, he proved himself.
Being called the Blind Mountain Priest, he learned as them.
Staying as long as his restless feet allowed,
Kumano made to depart. As a gift of parting, in good will,
the Masters of the Mountains gave him a no-dachi.
He took up the sword, called Jiwari, the Earthbreaker.

Departing in peace from a place of greatness,
coming upon new sights, new sounds, new ideas
of people, helping him along his way, never stopping.
Being blind, but no longer in darkness, now seeing
through the parted mists that covers his white sightless eyes

This is his way: to be guided by gaia.
Seeing the world through knowing eyes.
Sage to his own mind, wisdom learned.
Such is the path of the Blind Swordsman.


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