Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Some days you're the statue, and some days you're the pigeon; try to be the rain." - Unknown

It’s been raining in my neck of the woods a fair bit the past month, and I gave come to the realization that I really like the rain. I could and sit and watch it for hours. It’s kind of entrancing the way the continuous way the rain falls, the quite roar of the rain hitting the earth could lull me to sleep, and the smell. Oh the smell of the earth as it rains! I love the earthy fragrance after the rain stops. It really has a cleansing and rejuvenating scent to it.

I think it also brings a child like fun and innocence out of us. To abandon all inhibitions to go and run through the downpour and splash in the puddles. Itself is its own reward, to come and dry off and wrap yourself in warm blankets in front of a fire.

Even if it ends up not raining, I like to lie on back and watch the angry clouds roll past. For how hectic a storm can be, with all its thunder and lightning and buckets of water, I find it relaxing.


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