Sunday, October 3, 2010

'Bravery is being the only one knowing how scared you are.'

Ive been having a hard time coming with a costume idea for Halloween this year. Ive been finding this kind of difficult because the last few years, the costume ideas just kind of clicked. Done and done. But this year, I struggled. For starters, I don't have the prison abs that are required to meet the prerequisites for some of the costumes I did want to do (like Thor or Alex Louis Armstrong. Maybe next Year?!). Or the money and the know how (sorry Ganondorf).
Buuttt... After a few trips to the local Halloween stories with friends and throwing around ideas (watch out! They're sharp.), I think I might have come up with something. It kind of involves spiky, white hair, goggles, a trench coat, and maybe a really big WRENCH. Oh, and gloves. And its not a mad scientist. Sorry to disappoint. If you can figure it before Halloween, then good for you. If not, you'll have to sit there and wait. Ill tell you then.
The idea kind of kind of came out of nowhere. It was just on one of those trips that my friend and I were just bouncing ideas off each other, trying stuff on, and trying to piece something together. And it just sort of happened.
I'm glad that the group of friends I'm in still like to dress up around this time of the year. Because less than a week ago, I was with two friends, and I kid you not, we had an hour long conversation about how much we earned and the price of Health Insurance. Yeah, felling kind of old. But, none the less, we're making a good time of it.
What are you people dressing up like this year? Any good ideas out there?


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