Friday, December 10, 2010

"Nya-ugh" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

I realize this is more than a month overdue, but this being my Blog, I will be lazy with it as I see fit. To follow up my last Post, I went as Steampunk for Halloween, and I looked a little something like what you see on the right.  I really liked the costume, and I found it surprising how often I had to explain what Steampunk was to people.  I guess everybody cant be nerds, which is a shame. 
Since All Hallows Eve, Ive been watching a lot of TV.  There has been a few things Ive really got into.  Ive discovered in the last month the Greatness that is The Big Bang Theory, cause I can relate to the very high nerd level, and the spectacle that is Glee, cause who doesn't wish their life was a Musical every once and awhile?  But the standout has to go to The Walking Dead an the AMC channel.  Believe me, just go watch it!  But on the low end, Ive had a large dose of Anime too.  I think I would like it a whole lot more if there want so much damn Posturing!  There's to much standing around talking about so and so's back story, and we he cares, and why his move is better than everyone else's, then the back story to his great move, then three episodes more of why hes face down in his own blood explaining why the other person decided to let him live.  Just get on with it already!


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