Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“A government is a body of people usually notably ungoverned” - Sheppard Book

Ive been wanting to do a Political themed post for awhile. But Ive been delaying it forever because 1)People get needlessly angry when the talk of Politics ever comes up, 2) I'm still sick of hearing all the needless slander from the LAST election cycle, and 3) I'm been trying to iron out what I would like to see happen in the Government.
I guess the real point behind this post is to see if I can get my thoughts down so I can pound out reason number 3 a little. If you want to have a grown up discussion about this and you think you can add something, by all means, post something in the comment section. If not, Ill have no problem deleting your ass (I mean that in best way possible :)).
Health Care
Id like to see the Government get involved in this, but the current bill that's in place is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Premiums and such are getting way to high. I think Part of the reason is because you have these people that always get sue happy around doctors. We need to fix that. Do I think the Government can Help? Absolutely. Lets try hammer it out please.
A touchy subject where the term Racist gets thrown around a lot. Am I racist? No. But that doesn't mean that I think that the people living here illegally should get amnesty. Those people here illegally should try to rectify the problem through the proper channels. I think the government could make it easier to get worker permits if that's all they want to do. No problem with that.
Im a big fan of the Military, so I don't want you all to take this the wrong way. I think that it could have a lot more accountability in the way it spends its money though. I don't think a little defunding would hurt it at all.
I would stop sending those that are enlisted for the National Guard to serve in wars over seas. Its the national guard for a reason. They need to be here. And I certainly wouldn't mind putting them on the Border.
Foreign Police
I would like to see more foreign help in Wars and problems overseas. That doesn't mean we need to be totally out of the picture. But I don't think America needs to be heading every operation and being world police men.
I think we should cut way back (and I mean wwaayyyy back) on foreign aide. How many trillions of dollars are we in debt?! And how many billions do we give in aide?! I wouldn't blank it all out entirely, but a large amount of it. Some countries certainly need the help. Countries like Iraq. If we blew up half a country, we can help rebuild it.
Size of Government
I so think think that it could shrink in size a lot. But on the other hand Local Government could grow a little bit. Instead of one big central Government, I think it could be more localized.
Im not threatened by having to pay taxes. Its how things get done and payed for. But I think we could switch to a flat tax. No loop holes so you can pay less, no deductions, no return at the end of the year. Just set it at like 20% of what you make (By no means that percentage is backed by anything. Just throwing it out there to make a point).
By no means is the Welfare police perfect. I don't think it helps anyone out. It seems like when people start getting it, people just stay there. There's no good draw for them to get out of the position. Its like "Hay! Free money!" Who would WANT to leave that? I think it should be remodeled after the LDS Welfare program. Welfare should be there for People to help themselves out of the position they're in.

I guess that's a start. If you want to ask question, Discuss why I'm wrong and why a certain thing wont work, and remember to talk nice.


Russ said...

Health Care: Agreed. But we have to start somewhere.

Immigration: I’m biased because of my Native American relatives. But I think immigrants have just as much right to be here as we do. Then again, they didn’t kill off 90% of the indigenous population with disease, then herd the rest into the areas of the country they didn’t want. So maybe they aren’t working hard enough…

Military: I completely agree.

Foreign Policy: I’d like to see a huge reduction in foreign aid, simply because of the way our economy is going. All of that money wasted on wars sort of sickens me.

Size of Government: This is where I’m a little at odds with myself. I’d like to believe in the myth of small government and everything working out on its own, but the system is way too large and there’s too much corruption (as was shown with the bailout). So perhaps it’s a necessary evil.

Taxes. I think you have an interesting idea. But I’d like the rich to get taxed more. Wealth distribution is waaaay off base right now. I’m not saying that we should be a socialist government (that won’t work in a large system either) but I really don’t like what the capitalist model turns into in the long run. Everybody in the sandbox digging for rocks, and the ones who get lucky and find the most throw some of their rocks at the ones who found less and then take them all. Competition isn’t always healthy.

Welfare: I think people stay there because they can’t get out. Being middle class and feeling everything just tighten and our money stretch so thin is hard. It’s nice to know there’s a safety net if things get really bad. Sometimes it’s all you can do to get by.

The big thing for me about the Republican cause, and why I turn more and more against it, is how they use fearmongering to get votes. Their ideas may be grounded in family, which is appealing, and some of them are sound, but the way they approach it is so caustic and low that it sickens me. Maybe if I didn’t teach argument for a living it wouldn’t bother me.

Smurfs O'Malley said...

In Reply:
Immigration: I dont care that people immigrate to the USA. I just think they need to do it legally. Should the government make it easier? Maybe. Dont know enough about the process.

Taxes: Im kind of a fan of Herman Cains 9-9-9 tax plan that he just put out. Kind of the idea I was looking for. For more info, go here:

Welfare: Dont get me wrong, I do think that some people do need a helping hand. It just makes me mad is that there are some people that just stay there because they can.

I could also make the case about fearmongering and slander used by Democrats. Both sides are guilty of it. And it pisses me off to no end. I think its a byproduct of just having a 2 party system. But who knows. It might just be as bad if we had more partys. Anything to get your vote I guess.

The Purple Lady said...

I find the points you bring up very interesting and I like most of the ideas.


You should blog more. You have good things to say. :)

Smurfs O'Malley said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Ive been trying to get back into it the past month, but its been one those "Ill post something tomorrow."

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