Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Either way it is a historical fact: Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute." - Professor X

Ive seen X-Men: First Class twice now, and Ive found it rather enjoyable. I thought they did a great job with the movie, but there was a couple of things that just bugged me. Going to gripe about those just to get them out of the way.
Kevin Bacon as Nazi? Oh hell no! Once he got the German vibe out of his system, I thought he did a wonderful job. It was either the acting or the writting that bothered me. But it did. Actually that whole 'get Magneto to use his powers' scene bothered me. And the two kids that portrayed both Xavier and Magneto respectfully, I could've taken a wiffle bat to both of them and I would've felt like I was doing the movie a service. I also would like marvel to hire someone to help with the continuity in between the movies.
Now, on to the positive, It was really well written. The guy that played Magneto Did an excellent job and I thought he nailed the part. He was definitely did the bet acting wise. I also like how they portrayed Xavier. Instead of the the faultless leader being we usually get, he wasnt perfect in the movie. A skirt chaser with mental powers? I bet you all wouldn't loved that when you were young and single. Im also glad that they kept it in the same time period of the actual comic where. That was a nice touch. I dont think ut wouldve worked other wise.
Not a compliant per say, I didnt know a third of they mutants they used. There was some major time spent on wiki after the movie. This kind of brings up another thing. hat other mutants would I like to see in future installments? (and there will be. I went Last night and it was still sold out. And how long has it been out?)
For me I would like to see a young Havok/Cyclops family dynamic, and I think they could easily play off it with throwing Mr Sinister in to that mix as well. He has a unhealthy obsession with those boys. If not that itll be interesting to see more of the 'regular' Hellfire club members, and not ones that just stand around looking menacing. On the same thread of "Family", they could do Polaris and/or Legion if they want to bring any of Magnetos and Prof. X's kids into it. What mutants would you all like to see in the next movie?
And kind of Off topic, I would to see them try and tackle the Age of Apocalypse for the big screen (on the account its my favorite X-Men story arc), but Itll probably never happen.


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