Wednesday, March 21, 2012

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon. Too often, we forget that.” - Wit; The Way of Kings

Wow. Its been a long time since Ive posted. But what you gonna do when life gets in the way? (that's what I'm blaming it on because Ive been lazy) Lets see, whats happened since last July... I went and got myself some learning over the last 6 months. I enrolled in a local program to get certified as a Pharmacy Technician. Its been a real eye opener. Who would've thought there would be so many different drugs! And I have to know what they do?! Brain almost asploded everywhere! Lucky, it didn't. Would've been messy (or not, depending who you talk to). I got done with the course work March 1st, and since then Ive been trying to get done my internship hours I have to do. Why you have to do 180 hours is beyond me. And I wont lie, it kinda sucks that you don't get paid to do it. There has been a few things that helped me get through it all. I bought a PS3 on Black Friday last year ($200?! Yes please!) along with a copy of Skyrim. Best. Game. Ever! At least it was the Game of the Year for last year. Which is still pretty awesome. There's been plenty of nights where I went to bed around 4 in the morning. Actually, one of the main reasons I purchased a PS3 is so I could have access to a blue-ray player. I got a bundle of the first 6 Harry Potter movies a few years ago for Christmas, but I had nothing to play it on. Now I do. So who's up for a Potter Marathon? :) Ive read some excellent books the last little bit as well. I made it through a rereading of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, capped off by reading the latest book that came out last year for the first time. One thing that pissed me off is that I read a spoiler about Jon on the interwebs before I even reading it. So note to self. Don't read through forums about new books that you haven't read yet. And I don't really want to give anything away, so Ill just say it was decent. Not great. Just decent. For my book club, we read Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson. I loved what he did with the Wheel of Time books and was excited to read one of his original books. And it didn't disappoint. The characters where likeable, entertaining, and believable. Since that went over so well, I started reading Sandersons monster of a book, The Way of Kings. It actually took me awhile to get into. I think one of the marks of a good book is how relateable it is. Because the quicker you can start relating with the characters and imagining yourself in that world, the better experience you're going to have. The world Sanderson built for this book is, well, foreign, and it took me awhile to wrap my head around it. One of my friends said it best "There are at least two moons in the sky, the weather would make the eye of Jupiter feel like kite flying weather, and his taxonimy includes flying eels and Jurrasic sized crabs. It is an interesting crosspollination of fantasy and sci fi. You have knights in armor competing for control of a very midieval feeling feudal society, but the armor is some sort of alien armor infused with electricity." But once I got into it, it was great! Now to read his Mistborn series.


bluefish said...

Congratulations on going back to school, and good luck with your internship. This is also why I try to avoid forums about things I enjoy. I find I _always_ get something ruined for me!

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