Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"It was too good to last, he thought. Might as well have been a dream, he thought" - Ernest Hemingway

“I sat on top of the ridge looking out towards the pristine valley. With Her. It was one of those nights: the full moon seemed to fill half the sky. The beams seemed to turn the clear night into an ethereal day. We both sat there in cold, crisp air gazing into the valley below us in content as the winter wind mournfully blew through the trees and around us. We both knew each other well, and were simply happy to be with the other, even in silence. And I never knew Her name…”

Because I freaking woke up. What the Hell?!

Though I woke up, I’ve always have fondness for dreams. For I think they hold a power all their own. But it has irked me to no end that I don’t and/or remember my dreams. I wish that I can dream more often and remember. Statistically I would say that 95% of the time, I don’t dream. 4% of the time, I knew I dreamed the night before, but the knowledge of what I dreamed dissipates like fog before the rays of the early morning sun.

That rare 1% is just simply amazing. They are so vivid they stay with me forever. The dreamed I just shared with you happened to me about 7 years ago when I was serving my mission in Alaska. It really put me in a good mood all day. But that’s how rare I get those types of dreams. Once a decade. So hopefully I’m due for one here soon. For what is a man that doesn’t dream?


bluefish said...

My friend, I completely agree. Sometimes I think I'd rather live in a dream-world than in reality. Dreams speak to me and move me in ways reality doesn't always do.

They say the best way to remember your dreams is that, when you DO remember something, write it down immediately. This practices retaining the information from a dream, so that you'll remember more and more. Do it!

Russell said...


I rarely remember my dreams either. I know I have them and interact with them, but to me they are a function that a brain performs to restore itself, like formatting a hard drive or some such. A lot of people and cultures put a lot of stock in them. But in my opinion, any portents they may hold are simply reflections of what a person is dealing with at a specific time.

That said, I had one bitch of a dream last month, and remember it vividly because I was awakened in the most uncanny way right in the middle. Ask me nicely and maybe I'll tell you about it.

Chixon said...

Brack- so glad you joined the blogging world. Dixon and I just enjoyed reading your thoughts. Keep 'em coming. We miss seeing you. How goes the exercise (you did say to help you and since we can't rip the soda out of your hand, we'll bug ya with words). We'll be in Utah for two weeks in August and would love to do something with you then. Peace.

The Seamons Family said...

I rarely remember dreams. I have one or two that I still remember. My moments of great importance come in the waking world but I do not know that is what they are when they happen. Only after a time do they become fixed in my head and I live them over and over. One vivid one is while I was biking as a missionary. I was serving on a small island off the coast of North Carolina. There was a wind off the Atlantic and sun on my face and a song by P.O.D. that I love called "Alive" came into my head. Any time I hear the song I am transported back to that moment. A moment of perfect contentment and peace. I'm glad you can find them in dreams and hope you have another vibrant one soon.

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