Monday, April 6, 2009

“What is a man if his chief good and marked of his time be but to sleep and feed?” - Hamlet

This quote from Hamlet made me pause and think. I definitely don’t want me life to end up being summed up as “sleep and feed”. My Friends (you know who you are) lately have been trying to get /motivate me to get more exercise. From playing Frisbee (which left me feeling like I need a wheel chair the next day) to even making me having a go at Dance Dance Revolution (Dancing Bear?? enough said). When all is said and done, they made me move, they made me sweat, and we all had a good time. And now my life has a goal for the rest of the year. Simply put: Smurfs for Thor Halloween 2009.

Yeah, it sounds like a Political slogan, whatever. But it’s a goal, and it’s a good thing. Until Halloween, there’s going to be a lot of complaining, bitching, and me not answering my phone because I don’t want to go on a walk. But I have friends. Good friends. The type that give me a big bag of candy and then tell me not to eat all of it and share it with people friends. And friends that are persistent enough to help me even if it is for a silly (kind of) reason.

I’m stubborn. I’m lazy. I don’t like asking for help (I am Man, hear me Roar). So, I have some simple requests. If you see me drinking soda, take it away and/or make me feel guilty about it. If you hear me suggest eating something that Thor wouldn’t eat, let me know. And ask me to do something that requires the use of moving two legs. Because I’m sick and tired of heading towards the fail that is Rufus. But I need everyones help. And its definitely worth the effort.


Russell said...

Fabulous 1st post, sir. Combination call to arms and praise to life. Count me in as a nagger.

Thor for Halloween 2009!

The Seamons Family said...

I'm in for the nagging too! Actually I want to make some like changes in my physique. Want to team up and work on it together? Sometimes all you need is someone to exercise with and it gets a whole lot less tedious. My goal could be Volstage of the Warrior's three. Oh wait I can already do that one. This might require some thought. Perhaps Gimli? He is thick but not rotund like I am. Do you like to bike? do you have a bike? If not I have a spare that is going to the donation bin anyway if you don't want it. Let me know. As Red says it on the Red Greeen Show, "I'm pullin' for ya, we're all in this together!"

The C of Fail said...

Bikeing sounds like a great idea. Now I just need to get a bike. Then Ill have a few people to bike with.

Russell said...

I can't believe you quoted the Red Green show. I'm glad that you did, but I'm just shocked!

Count me in for the biking. Though my bike needs serious maintenance before that can be a possibility. Sounds like a goal...

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