Sunday, June 13, 2010

“We got to go to the crappy town were I’m a hero!” - Wash; Firelfy

It feels like one of those days that I’m going to ramble, so bear with me. First off, I’ve noticed that I’ve been watching a lot of British TV of late. Because 1, all my regular Shows are off for the season, and 2, people have told me to watch  few shows. A few of you know, I’ve had a long held view that British programming was crap. I have to readjust my scale a little bit. Instead of 100% garbage to 95%. I would be the first to admit that there are a couple really good shows on the BBC, taking the forms of Top Gear and Doctor Who.
I have watched a few others, mainly including Spaced, Torchwood, a few Instances of The Mighty Boosh, and Red Dwarf when I was younger. Spaced and Torchwood go into the grey area for me. They both had their moments, I didn’t mind the hours I spent watching them, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back and rewatch them because as an overall series they were Beh at best. But Red Dwarf and The Mighty Boosh, to me, were plane awful. The few funny lines they did have wasn’t worth the cringing it made me do and watching the rest of the episode to get too that funny line.
And now for an abrupt change in topic (since I can’t think of a clever segue), time for a weight loss update. I haven’t lost any weight for the last few months, but on the upside, I haven’t gained anything back either. I’ve been fluctuating between a 10 pound span for awhile now. It’s been kind of frustrating, especially after my initial shed of about 80 pounds in the first 5 or 6 months. So I guess what I’m saying is that I hit a wall. I need to revaluate a few things. To start with, I need to clean up my diet. Im not doing horrible, but there’s room for improvement. I need to start doing a high protein and vegetables, with a low everything else (fat, sugar, carbs, etc…). It’s harder said than done.
Granted, this sounds like I’m trying to pack on a lot of muscle, which I’m not. I’m going to naturally put on some lean muscle just by the fact that I go to the gym for an hour at a time. When I get down to the weight I want to be at, then I’ll see where I’m at then start adding from there. Speaking of which, I probably need to switch up what I do at the gym, but I don’t know what to switch it too.
Now for another complete turn in conversation, it’s been a pretty wet spring, which I absolutely love. I wouldn’t mind it raining most of the summer, just because it would keep everything cool and fresh. I should move up to the northwest somewhere, were it does rain a lot. I would love it.


bluefish said...

Smurfs, I think the crappy town where you're a hero is Logan. Or at least Paul's store.

I completely agree about Red Dwarf and Mighty Boosh. They're both those shows where I think the people making them must have been laughing, but I just don't find it funny. Also, sometimes I think Torchwood is pretty good, but then I remember that there's a show called Doctor Who that's a lot like Torchwood, but good.

Smurfs O'Malley said...

The Mighty Boosh had it moments, like Ol' Greg, but thoose laughs werent worth the time I spent watching it.
I really liked the last Torchwood season, with The Children of Earth episodes. But the rest I thought was kind of meh. I watched it mainly cause it was Doctor Who related.

Russell said...

Starz picked up Torchwood and it's going to be revamped, so it must have done something close enough to right to merit further attention.

In order to fully enjoy Mighty Boosh it needs to be at least two in the morning. Being high or drunk or both could also help.

Can't really defend Red Dwarf.

Really digging the new Who though. Matt Smith is par, the companion is one of the best, and the writing and direction of the show is as strong as it has ever been. Loving it!

Stoneiris said...

I adore Dr. Who.

Smurfs O'Malley said...

Dont we all.

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